You can overcome Premature Ejaculation

Finishing early can be frustrating for both partners in a relationship. Fortunately overcoming PE isn’t difficult in most cases

Premature ejaculation is a male sexual dysfunction characterized by ejaculation which occurs most of the time at the immediate experience of or within one minute of intercourse. There are multiple negative consequences of premature ejaculation, including distress, frustration, and the avoidance of sexual intimacy.

Most men who complain of premature ejaculation report a lack of control over the ability to ejaculate when they want to. It is not uncommon for men to experience persistent or recurrent early ejaculation with minimal sexual stimulation.

There are many things that can cause or contribute to premature ejaculation. Psychological or interpersonal issues commonly are correlated, due in large part to anxiety or conditioning towards rapid ejaculation based on rushed early sexual experiences. Other areas of investigation include hypersensitivity of the penis, erectile dysfunction, inflammation of the prostate, medication side effects, recreational drugs, chronic pelvic pain disorders, and thyroid disorders.

Treatment of PE can take many forms, including psychotherapy and sex therapy and medications including topical anesthetics aimed at reducing sensation.

The first step to overcoming premature ejaculation¬†is to openly discuss your challenges with your provider. We’ll work with you to identify the underlying cause of your issue and support you until you overcome it. Get started today!

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